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  SonicWeb Timesheet - Web-based time entry.

SonicWeb Timesheet entry is an easy-to-use timesheet interface that allows employees to key in their daily hours into a simplified web-based form. By using a standard web browser, employees can select the work week and facilitate tracking time within their job function.

Web-based Employee Timesheet Interface: The timesheet can be configured to be a basic and easy-to-use time entry form, however additional columns can be added to track labour allocation details.

Internet/Intranet Connectivity: Employees have real-time access to their timesheet using a standard internet connection on any PC. If required, access can be restricted to a corporate Intranet.

Flexible Labour Allocation Options: When entering time, employees can choose to allocate their labour by department, location, earning code, project or operation allowing for detailed time analysis.

Easy to Use Customizable Entry Form: Columns in the time sheet can be easily re-labeled, re-ordered and configured to suit your current time sheet reporting requirements.

Accruals Checking for Vacation, Sick, Banked Time etc.: When entering time for accrued earnings codes, the SonicWeb Timesheet can be setup to disallow entries that would exceed the maximum available time.

 Download SonicWeb Timesheet Brochure (PDF)