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  SonicPoint - A powerful new entry point system.

SonicPoint by Manusonic provides your workforce with an efficient point-of-entry system and includes advanced communication features that can send notices and alerts to your employees.

Workforce Automation: SonicPoint's centralized database allows supervisors access to real-time attendance information.

Construction: SonicPoint's durable aluminum enclosure prevents rust and corrosion. The sealed case along with IP-rated external connectors protect the components from humidity and dust.

Display: The 10.4 inch colour LCD and industrial-grade touch screen offer easy viewing and error-free operation, even in harsh environments.

Alerts: Audible and Visual alerts notify the user with sign-in status and can be used to communicate messages during the sign-in/out process.

Biometric Security: Eliminate "buddy punching" using the biometric finger scanning option. SonicPoint's embedded sensor validates employee identity through an advanced verification process that stores a mathematical interpretation of the fingerprint as opposed to the actual image.

Networkability: Installing SonicPoint in your company is as easy as installing an additional desktop computer. A standard RJ45 Ethernet connection allows for a quick connection to your existing computer network. Each data collection device communicates with the central database allowing seamless access from any location. A wireless networking option is also available.

Employee Access: Expedite the daily clock-in/out process using the built-in proximity card reader. Multiple card styles and options are available.


 Download SonicPoint Brochure (PDF)