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  SonicClock - Welcome to the new generation of time clock systems.

SonicClock by Manusonic offers a whole new level of functionality above and beyond traditional time clock devices. Providing more than simple time and data collection, SonicClock is an interactive point of communication with your entire workforce.

Time Collection: A large graphical interface allows quick and easy employee interaction while providing ample screen area for updating personal timesheets and accessing additional information.

Security: SonicClock can be configured for employee access by simple PIN entry. Larger companies can expedite the "Clock in / out" process using the Proximity card reader option. To eliminate "buddy punching", a powerful biometric finger scanner is also available. Access to management features and custom links can be restricted by user ID. Click here to learn more about the security options available for the SonicClock.

Management: Approval of time, administrative reports and user-management functions can be accessed directly from the SonicClock.

Construction: Built to last, the Sonic Clock's aluminum enclosure prevents rust and corrosion. The sealed case along with IP-rated external connectors ensures the internal components stay dry and protected for long-life operation.

Display: The 15-inch color LCD and industrial-grade touch-screen surface facilitate easy viewing and error-free operation, even in harsh environments.

Integration: SonicClock's bidirectional integration provides your workforce with access to information such as job codes, equipment costs, inventory levels and technical specifications, while transferring data back to HR, Payroll, Job Cost or other systems.

PC-Based Technology: Using modern computing standards, SonicClock provides your employees with access to information through existing applications, databases or web sites. Standard serial, parallel and USB ports allow connectivity to additional hardware devices / equipment.

Customization Services: Understanding that every company has specific needs, Manusonic offers customization services to ensure your requirements are met.

Networkability: Installing SonicClock in your company is as easy as installing an additional desktop computer. A standard RJ45 Ethernet connection allows for a quick connection to your existing computer network.


 Download SonicClock Brochure (PDF)