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  We understand that no matter how great our products are, our post sales services are what make our company great.

Getting you up and running with your new products is vital to our success. Our consultants will work with you at every stage of the implementation process to ensure your needs are met.

Manusonic offers a wide variety of time tracking and management solutions including:
  • Hardware installation
  • Software implementation
  • Programming
  • Training
  • Consulting
Please contact us or send us an information request for further details on how our software customization services can address your specific requirements.

Integrating with your existing software solutions

SonicEnterprise offers standard integration modules to various back-office applications as well as customization options.

Payroll: The payroll integration module offers integration options to payroll applications as well as outsourced service providers. Employee time is collected, approved and stored in one location eliminating the need to manually re-enter or transfer this information. Once configured, the integration module processes the data and creates a file that is ready to upload to payroll.

Job Costing: The job cost integration provides your employees with detailed project structure, allowing them to accurately allocate their time. The bi-directional link retrieves project detail and category codes while uploading approved labor hours and expenses to the appropriate cost codes.

Accounting: Cost centres can be easily associated with functions or labor types for GL integration using the accounting integration module. Simply create user-defined labour types and map these definitions to the appropriate chart of accounts. This process provides employees with an easy to use interface while eliminating manual GL entries.

Human Resources: Integration to HR management software reduces the amount of time normally associated with employee time clock enrollment and ensures up-to-date employee information. Companies can also provide employees with access to existing HR self-service applications directly from the Sonic Clock. The Sonic Clock can either be configured to run Windows-based applications or access can be established using a web browser.

Health & Safety: SonicClock can act as an additional layer of protection to ensure a safer environment in your company. Provide employees with access to information such as operating instructions and manuals, guidelines and procedures, or create a direct link for employee access to health and safety applications.

Quality Assurance Provide your employees with access to on-line knowledge bases, technical manuals and troubleshooting guides by configuring the custom document links. A document, web page, PDF or CAD drawing can be added and indexed to allow for instant reference.

 Download SonicIntegration Brochure (PDF)